Hello! My name is Nina. I have been practising yoga since 2009 after falling in love with Vinyasa Flow while studying in Scotland. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate (RYT-200) in 2016 at Yoga London, one of the largest teacher training schools in Europe.

I spent 2016 teaching yoga at the Jindabyne Yoga Shala in Jindabyne, Australia, followed by a winter teaching in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Afterwards, I taught group private lessons in Polzeath, Cornwall and now in Hampshire and West Sussex.

My desire to teach yoga came from wanting to help others overcome difficulties in daily life. As a surfer and snowboarder, I teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga - a freestyle, flowing form of yoga - which not only strengthens and stretches muscles, but also prevents injury and helps us find a moment of quiet in the busy, stressful world we live in. The aim of my classes is to help students to become more aware of their own bodies and minds.

I'm keen to welcome everyone to my classes, especially those who are completely new to yoga. I hope anyone that comes to my class is inspired to have fun, connect to their breath and let go of that feeling that they aren't “good enough” to practise yoga.

That time we met the amazing yogi David Swenson

That time we met the amazing yogi David Swenson

Yoga isn't about contorting your body into the most advanced shapes, it's about working with your body and where it is at right now.

Whether you have already have a consistent yoga practice or have never even stepped on a yoga mat before, everyone is welcome! I currently teach private yoga classes in Hampshire and West Sussex. 

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa flow is an energising, smooth flowing yoga practice. It encompasses many different types of yoga. Rather than holding a posture (asana) for a few breaths, you will flow through a sequence of poses. Each movement is in sync with the breath - you will move in and out of poses with inhales and exhales. 

Vinyasa flow classes differ from teacher to teacher - but they generally always include sun salutations (a yoga sequence that is repeated a few times). 

My vinyasa flow classes are suitable class for all levels - especially beginners. We will start with a warm-up, followed by sun salutations, a standing sequence, a seated sequence and a cool down before final relaxation (savasana). Be prepared for an energising, uplifting class.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is a much gentler, calming practice. The ideas is to create a feeling of relaxation, both mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Hatha yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the regular (or sympathetic) nervous system to rest and the muscles will become more relaxed. It's mostly a seated class where poses are held for a long amount of time and we will use lots of props to help support the body, followed by a long final savasana at the end.

Restorative yoga is a lovely practice when you are tired, feeling stressed, after exercise or when you just feel like you need a bit of extra relaxation.


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